Giovanna Di Lello

Journalist and Cultural Events Organiser.

Born in Hamilton, Canada and grew up in Vevey, Switzerland.

Graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature from D’Annunzio University in Pescara, Italy. Received a Master’s degree in Cultural Economy from Tor Vergata University in Rome, Italy.

Works for the secretariat of the Committee for Italians Abroad (in the Senate of the Republic of Italy), chaired by Senator Claudio Micheloni (elected by the European constituency). Artistic director of the literary festival ‘Il Dio di mio padre’ in Torricella Peligna, Abruzzo (Italy), dedicated to the Italo-American writer John Fante. Director of many documentaries including: John Fante. Profilo di scrittore. (Fazi Editore 2003), Auschwitz. Lungo i binari della memoria. (2006), Il razzismo indiscreto degli americani. Incontro con Noam Chomsky sull’immigrazione negli Stati Uniti (LEFT 2007). Works in collaboration with “L’Espresso” (website) and “Il Centro”. Member of the Ordine dei Giornalisti (Society of journalists) since 2011 as a freelance journalist.

Voyage en barbarie

Robel, Germay, Filmon and Halefom have survived the Sinaï torture camps. Through their words, in the intimacy of their rooms, the film draws their long trip through barbarism, an experience that has left traces on each of the boys' skin.


P.A. Valenti, speech in Paris 2015


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