Maria Grazia Galati

Maria Grazia Galati was born in Milan in 1967.  She has been a journalist in current affairs since 1995.  Educated in languages and tourism Maria Grazia has worked for eight years for Gente Viaggi (Rusconi/Hachette), a monthly voyage magazine.  In 1993 Maria Grazia started her globe-trotter career as a correspondent for various Italian and International papers working in London, New York, Hong Kong, Lisbon.

  She moved to Luxembourg in 1991.  With Paola Cairo she founded the Italian language magazine Passa Parola (www.passaparola.info).  Since 2008 she has also been part of “Voices by Passaparola” (www.ara.lu – air and streaming) a radio programme promoting Italian culture and language where Maria Grazia is an active promoter of events.  She has written several books and tour guides.   Maria Grazia won two literary prizes for Libere Dentro (Edizioni Grifo, Lecce).  This is a collection of short stories dedicated to the women of Puglia which was also translated into French.  Maria Grazia has also worked for television in Luxembourg as an Italian editor of Luxe TV and subsequently as presenter and reporter for Air TV.

Voyage en barbarie

Robel, Germay, Filmon and Halefom have survived the Sinaï torture camps. Through their words, in the intimacy of their rooms, the film draws their long trip through barbarism, an experience that has left traces on each of the boys' skin.


P.A. Valenti, speech in Paris 2015


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