Elena Fornero

Elena Fornero was born in Turin, Italy, in 1970. Professional journalist since 1996, she served for five years as editor-in-chief at catholic weekly «Il Nostro Tempo», before moving to Germany where she lived for six years and kept on working as free-lance journalist for different italian newspapers.

Since 2005 she lives in France, near Paris. Her interest focuses are society and educational/environment matters, with an international and european point of vew. She took part to the first projet of a news magazine entirely written in Piedmontese language, «É ! - afirmativ piemontèis». Elena is author of essay «Gli Automobili» (Marsiglio Ed.) and she conducts historical and literary researches. She speaks Italian, French, German and English. She is married and mother of three daughters.

Voyage en barbarie

Robel, Germay, Filmon and Halefom have survived the Sinaï torture camps. Through their words, in the intimacy of their rooms, the film draws their long trip through barbarism, an experience that has left traces on each of the boys' skin.


P.A. Valenti, speech in Paris 2015


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