Brexit Slapstick

Breakfast time at the House of Commons. Or may be in Brussels, since the lady orders a continental breakfast.
• Good morning George. I’ll have a cup of coffee and a slice of cream cake, thank you.

• Sorry Madame, no more cream cake.
• Just my luck. I’ll have a cup of tea instead, with a cloud of milk... and a nice slice of cream cake.
• As I said Madame, we do not have any cream cake left.
• Well then... we must be patient... that’s what life’s about... we must make an effort... all of us... so let it be... a glass of hot milk... and the usual slice of cream cake.
• Madame must be tired this morning. Please accept a painful reality: we do not have any cream cake left.
• No reason for such a fuss, George! Make it a large cup of hot chocolate then. No sugar please, I’m on a diet... but just to cheer me up, I do need a tiny, tiny slice of cream cake.
• You are always very welcome here Madame, but please mark my words: we – have – NO – MORE – cream cake!
Another customer, probably Irish or Scottish, had been waiting for his turn:
• Listen here George; you have been but too patient with the lady. If I were you, I’d slap that cream cake on her face.
March 15th, 2019: i.e. The Ides of March.
Jean Santilli

(A Brexit adaptation of Fernand Raynaud’s Les croissants)
For more Brexit laugh sweat and tears by the same author, check his page on a San Francisco Academic site:
Copyright 2019 Jean Santilli


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