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Accueil / Our statute

Our statute

ARTICLE 1 Foundation

Italy Media Club has been founded on 1 January 2004 (with the present statute) as an association governed by the French law of

1st July 1901 and the decree of August 16 1901, named ClubMediaItalie.

This association is recognized by the “Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana”, the National Federation of the Italian Press.

It’s a non-profit organization with no political affiliation and is in compliance with the French law and the statute of “Federazione Nazionale della Stampa  Italiana”.

The headquarter is registered at 41, Grande Rue, 69110 – STE FOY LES LYON, France.

The headquarter may be transferred by decision of the Board of Directors and ratified by the general assembly; on behalf of

ClubMediaItalie any country where the Association is active can be added, eg: ClubMediaItalie-France.

ARTICLE 2   The goals

The Association aims:

a) to represent Italian journalists in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco in order to defend and promote their


b) to facilitate and promote the activities of their French and Francophone colleagues who are interested in Italy;

c) create a link with the French institutions in Italy and Europe;

d) to promote inside the Italian Institutions the professionalism of Italian journalists in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg;

e) to keep strong ties with the “Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana” the “Consiglio Nazionale dell’Ordine dei Giornalisti” (National Counsil of Journalists) and all international organizations that defend the freedom of the press;

f) to strengthen the ties of friendship and cooperation among members and their country;

g) to promote the exchange of information among members;

h) to promote the integration of members into the  French , Italian and European cultural and social information;

i) to promote the Italian and French media in Europe;

l) to highlight the Italian community in France and Europe politically, socially and culturally by all means;

m) to organize cultural events, prizes and meeting on topics judged interesting  by ClubMediaItalie with the participation of

European personalities.

ARTICLE 3 Admission and statutory bodies

a) The Members

Founding members (attached list)

Ordinary members:

all Italian journalists accredited (by the Council) working in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco in the French-language media, and all Italian or bilingual Francophone journalists interested to Italy.

Associate members:

all French journalists interested to Italy and all media professionals of French, Swiss, Belgian, Luxembourg, Monaco media and Italy who operate in Europe.

Honorary members:

those who (although foreign to the world of communication) have rendered outstanding services to the association; they are exempt

from any contributions and they do not have the right to vote at the Assembly.

Active members:

who have committed to pay an annual fee fixed by the general


b) Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected for three years, it is made of:

– a President,

– Vice-President,

– Treasurer,

– Two Counsellors,

– Secretary.

The Council meets once or several times a year at the invitation of the President or at the request of 2/3 of its members and possibly

in conjunction with the General Assembly. Decisions are taken by majority vote, in case of a tie, the Chairman has the casting vote.

Any member of the office and the Board of Directors which, without excuse, fails to attend three consecutive meetings may be considered to have resigned.

The Board enforces the Statute and intervenes in cases of violation of the Statute. In case of disagreement between the

President and the Council, the Council may convene a special meeting. The Council acts in concert with the General Assembly to


Membership of the Association is cancelled by:

I – Resignation

II – Death

III – The dismissal is pronounced by the Board for non-payment of the fee, of serious matters, the interested member it will be  invited by an official letter to appear in front of the  Board in order to provide explanations.

The dismissal will not entitle to annual fee refund.

c) The President and Vice President

Elected by the Assembly from the ordinary members, the President has the legal responsibility of the association.

The Treasurer does not necessarily come from the journalistic community. The Chairman shall convene the meeting and decide with the Board on the agenda. If unable to attend the vice-chair replaces the chair.

d) Ordinary General Assembly

All Members are invited to the Annual General Assembly. At least fifteen days before the date fixed, the members are

convened at the request of the President or the Board or a third of the members. The agenda is indicated on the summons. The President, assisted by officers and Board Chairs, expose at the Assembly the moral situation of the association.

The meeting decides the amount of the annual fee to apply to the members who must pay it within the limit of 30 days after the call.

The Treasurer reports on his management and submit it to the Assembly approval.

The Assembly elects the President, Vice-President and four Councillors.

The decisions of the meeting are approved by a majority of members present.

Article 4 – Procedure for the change of Statute

Proposed amendments to this Statute must be included in the Agenda of the Assembly and must be approved by a two-thirds

majority of those who are present. The proposed amendments to the bylaws may be submitted either by the President, the Board or at least one third of members. The President shall perform to the Prefecture the declarations provided  in Article 3 of the decree of August 16, 1901, laying down in Public Administration for the purposes of the Law of 1 July 1901 regarding:

– Changes to the Statute

– Change of the title of the Association

– The moving of the Headquarters

– The goals changes

– The Fusion of the Association

– Dissolution.

The register of associations must be numbered and signed on each sheet, by a person authorized to represent the Association.

Article 5 – Dissolution

In case of dissolution pronounced by two thirds of the Members present at the General Assembly, one or more liquidators are

appointed by it, and any asset shall offer in accordance with Article 9 of the Law of 1 July 1901 and the decree of August 16,

1901. For non-provided points in the Statute, it should to refer to the statutory standards and regulations provided by “Federazione

Nazionale della Stampa Italiana.”

This Statute is approved by the Constituent Assembly on December 20, 2003 and modifies the Assembly on March 10, 2007.


Paolo Alberto Valenti, President

Elia Cunzi, Treasurer