For a quality european journalism

The association ClubMediaItalie was founded by Italian journalist Paolo Alberto Valenti in 2005. ClubMediaItalie has a European vocation and gathers both Italian journalists working in francophone European countries, and francophone media professionals operating in Italy and abroad.

European vocation

ClubMediaItalie is based in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Italy. The association is linked to Ordine dei Giornalisti, the Italian National Register for Journalists. It represents in francophone countries FNSI, the only Italian trade union for journalists. ClubMediaItalie issues FNSI cards to its own members.

The association is open to journalists, press and communication professionals. It was founded with the purpose to be a reference point for both Italian and French media correspondents. Its aim is the universal acknowledgment of correspondents’ professionalism, to support quality information. ClubMediaItalie and its members commit to fighting stereotypes, clichés and shallow information, based on fieldwork in different countries and at the European level.

Voyage en barbarie

Robel, Germay, Filmon and Halefom have survived the Sinaï torture camps. Through their words, in the intimacy of their rooms, the film draws their long trip through barbarism, an experience that has left traces on each of the boys' skin.


P.A. Valenti, speech in Paris 2015


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