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Stella EMOLO

Stella Emolo

Born in 1983 in Naples, I began my career in journalism during my high school years, contributing to the editorial team of the student newspaper. My passion for journalism then led me to write for various regional newspapers, initially focusing on news reporting, and later working within the first press office of my local municipality.

After completing my communication studies at the University of Salerno, I decided to embark on a new path centered around environmental communication, particularly relevant during the era of landfill-related scandals. My constant desire to contribute to social causes led me, at the age of 25, to explore the world of fundraising for non-governmental organizations.

My personal life took me to Luxembourg, where I encountered PassaParola, rekindling my passion for journalism. Today, with a diverse background in environmental communication and fundraising, I strive to combine my skills to make a meaningful contribution to the world around me.

Paolo Valenti - President
Giacomo Mazzone - Vice President
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Maria Grazia Galati
Andrea Barolini - Segretario
Roberta Lombardo Hurstel
Paola Cairo
Francesco Rapazzini
Rital Del Prete
Roberta Alberotanza
Annalisa Cappellini
Stella Emolo