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Giacomo Mazzone - Vice President

Giacomo Mazonne

(2022-current) RAI Manager for RAI – Next Generation EU project

(previously) (2021) Global Project Manager at UN-DRR on sustainability and Disaster Risk Reduction (2002-2020) Director Institutional Relations and Relation with the members of the South, at European Broadcasting Union Deputy director of news, Manager of International Relations at RAI;  Deputy Director of European Affairs at Euronews

Other activities:

Member of the EDMO Advisory Council; Member of the EAC group of expert on Media and Digital literacy; Member of the Advisory Council of Foundation CAPP; Member of the Board at EuroDIG; Secretary General of the World Radio Day Committee at UNESCO; Co-chair of the IGF PNMA Policy Network for Meaningful Access; Member of the IGF Italy Executive Board; Secretary General of Eurovisioni; Vice president Club Media Italie.

Paolo Valenti - President
Giacomo Mazzone - Vice President
Andrea Barolini - Secretary
Francesco Rapazzini
Roberta Alberotanza
Annalisa Cappellini
Stella Emolo
Roberta Lombardo Hurstel
Paola Cairo
Maria Grazia Galati
Maria Bologna
Rital Del Prete